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Sho "Kajin"(書’佳人’) 

The meaning of "kajin"is as follows: "Ka(佳)" is beautiful and intelligent. Jin(人)is person. So I gave this name to my course with the aim of becoming such a person through "Sho"
Sho "Kajin"'s (書’佳人’) is a place for Japanese calligraphy, open for Japanese, Dutch, and adults with other nationalities.
Not only it is a place for persons who want to learn "sho", but also a place for "Sho"lovers to communicate.


From beginner to highest level.
Step by step, you can learn various calligraphy figures and styles.
You start by copying examples and later you can develop your own creativity.

Figures: blocked, semi running, and running, Japanese female calligraphy (Kana) etcetera.
Styles: from traditional until modern
At the conclusion of one year you can make scrolls and timbers for a good display ofyour own calligraphy.

We will exhibit the final results.

<for Sho lovers>

I want to exchange information with Sho lovers In Europe and The Netherlands.
You can use our space for your own practice, one time will cost 4,00 euro. You are also welcome to visit. Maybe you can even give advise to the students. I am looking forward to meeting with you.

<course info>

date:    every Thursday, except once per month.
      The dates when we cannot use the space will be announced in the notices.

time:    the space is open from 2.00 PM until 8.00 PM
      The lessons are 1½ hours each excluding 30 minutes for preparation

      There will be 3 groups:
      group 1: from 2.00 to 3.30
      group 2: from 4.00 to 5.30
      group 3: from 6.00 to 7.30

      For other times please contact me.

place:   Go Centre
adress:   Schokland 14, 1181 HV Amstelveen
transport: ample free parking
      tram 5, metro 51, stop: Kronenburg

payment: in case of 4 times per month €45 (students €40)
      in case of 3 times per month €35 (students €30)
      in case of a single time €14 (students €12)
      renting materials is also possible monthly use €5 including rice paper,
      single use €2, students free


Do not hesitate to contact me.

 TEL:0294-419341/415006 mobile: 06-14689814